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Maxtrax II 2.5" Track for YETI


MAXTRAX II, the evolution of the MAXTRAX’s original design. The YETI team has listened to our customers feedback and tweaked the original design, enhancing the tracks ability to cut through the crusted snow by adding towers to the outside of each of our paddles.

These outer paddle towers add stiffness to each paddle, allowing the track to cup and scoop more snow in the powder, to stand up taller giving more floatation, and the enhanced stiffness of the MAXTRAX II cuts through the crusted snow with ease.

We received feedback from the guys who ride the heavy wet snow in lower altitudes that the original MAXTRAX seemed to spin a lot and the lugs would not penetrate the harder crust.

We also received feedback that the MAXTRAX was great in the higher elevations and light fluffy snow in Utah and Colorado and most of BC and not to change it at all.

So tweaked it ever so slightly to do the best in both snow conditions.

But we did not rest with this new enhancement. In addition to the track paddle changes which added a tiny bit of weight, we removed all the unnecessary inner drive lugs from the edge of the track, and narrowed the track slightly to remove more weight, keeping the MAXTRAX II the same weight as the MAXTRAX.

Each YETI assembly is constantly tested, evaluated and it’s performance maximized to provide you with the very best snowmx product.


Here are the CAD files showing the MAXTRAX and MAXTRAX II side by side with a simulated load. Notice how the new towers cause the track to form a cup shape and scoop the snow, vs folding on the powder and creating lift. 


   MAXTRAX                                       MAXTRAX II


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