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Q. Why does my drive belt break if I run it in the snow?

Q. Why did my belt break?

Q. What's the chain slider for?


Q. Why can I not push brake fluid up from the bottom as I did on other kits or on my dirt bike?

Q. How full do I run my master cylinder?

Q. I get a lot of tiny bubbles around the clear plastic line and it is still not bleeding. How do I fix this?

Q. What's the best way to bleed my yeti brakes?


Q: What is the best way to tension the chain? And how tight should it be?

Q: I am trying to tension my chain with my bike on the stand and the eccentric bolt won’t turn.

Q: I cannot feel the eccentric bolt move when I tension the chain, why?

Q: My chain seems to be slacking off or stretching on each ride, why?

Q: I have a 2016 YETI and I would like to have the automatic chain tension system, can I get that?


Q: I have heard rumours that the carbon fibre cracks in the cold. Is this true?

Q: Can the carbon fibre chassis be repaired if I crack it?

Q: Why are titanium suspension plates that are pop riveted to the chassis?

Q: How strong is the carbon chassis?

Q: How much does the chassis weigh?

Q. My yamaha WR/ YZFX does not clear the carbon fibre yeti chassis, why?

Q. What have you done to protect the carbon fibre chassis?

Q. Why does my YETI Maxkeel ski feel so grabby/darty on my Timbersled?


Q: How long should the bearing last in the YETI Driveshaft Assembly?

Q: Do I need to grease the bearings in the YETI?

Q: How do I change the brake pads in my YETI?

Q. How do I tension my chain? How tight do I run the yeti chain?


Q. What is the smallest dirt bike you would recommend a yeti for?

Q. Can you swap your yeti from bike to bike?

Q. Do you make kids bike yeti models?

Q. Is a 300cc 2 stroke bike enough power to ride a yeti?


Q: I find it hard to put the axle through the wheel, it gets stuck in there sometimes, why?

Q: I have noticed the axle spacer gets stuck sometimes when I try to remove it


Q. What gearing changes do you recommend?


Q. How do I mount the yeti Maxkeel ski on my Timbersled front spindle?

Q. How long does it take to install a yeti kit?

Q. What modifications do you recommend to equip your mx bike for snow riding?


Q: Why do you only have a middle paddle lug every third pattern?

Q: Why did you build the MAXTRAX II, when the MAXTRAX worked so good in the powder?

Q: Why does the MAXTRAX flex and corner so well without a flex arm suspension?



Q: How much does the RRS move when riding?

Q: Is there enough room for my YETI can to clear?

Q: Will my chain slack off and then re-tension as the RRS goes through its suspension travel, causing my chain to break?


Q. When I purchase the YETI snow bike kit do I need to pay more for the bike adapter parts?


Q: What happens if I crash and break a carbon fibre blade? How much is that to replace?

Q: Will it dent my lower fork legs if I crash my bike?

Q: I have a YAMAHA YZ 450 now, and I am getting a KTM 450, what parts do I need to make the YETI Spindle fit my new bike?


Q: How does the rear suspension set up effect and strut rod adjustment effect how the ski “darts” or “grabs” in harder crusted snow conditions, or on certain trail conditions and how do I fix that?

Q: My bike is pulling a big wheelie that is hard to control, how can I tame that down?

Q: I have noticed there are 3 front suspension holes for the front suspension arm, why?

Q: I noticed my front limiter strap is fixed, what length should it be?

Q: I notice some “green” coloured oil coming out of the air valve on the FOX shocks, is that normal?

Q: I notice some “red” coloured oil coming out of the air valve on the FOX shocks, is that normal?

Q. How can I change the ski pressure to match my riding style?

Q. Why are there 3 holes in the front suspension plate?

Q. How can I increase ski pressure?

Q. How do I reduce ski pressure?


Q: How do I tension my SYNCRODRIVE belt?

Q: How tight do I tighten the gear bolts?

Q: I do not see an M8 nut on the tensioner bolt, why?

Q: What is the difference between the 21mm wide belt and the 28mm wide one?

Q: What are the main causes of belt breakage?

Q: How do I maintain my SYNCRODRIVE?

Q: Where can I get a replacement belt? Do the local auto parts stores carry them?

Q: How long should my SYNCRODRIVE belt last?


Q. Reactor transfer adjusting blocks?

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